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Feb 26

Updates, Info and Spring Break Specials!

There is so much to be excited about at Wasatch Lake! With the onset of Spring comes, you guessed it, Spring Specials! Not the 12-16 hour drive others will make, and not the commercial destination either! Kick back in one of our comfy, cozy cabins or take a nature hike or…let’s get back to the cabins.

Wasatch Lake is thrilled to announce that there are major interior updates happening in three of our premier cabins as we write this blog. Our “Hickory Hill, Rosebud, and the Sunshine” cabins are all three being updated! You can expect the same outdoorsy offerings with new, updated interiors! And did we mention that the fish are waiting to start eating again?

Let’s face it, our friends in the lake have been through a long, cold Winter and it’s time to start biting! Here’s some information that you’ll find interesting as you make your plans to spend a great Spring Break at Wasatch Lake!…

“Its everyone’s favorite time of the year in the Midwest. The snows have melted, trees have started to get some green on them, turkeys can be heard gobbling trying to find a mate, and birds start singing songs of warmth. If you’re a bass fisherman you know what these tell tale signs of spring mean. Great fishing…”

Thanks to Ultimate Bass for this great read!